Popeye Lake

Popeye Lake is about 2 miles in length and approximately half a mile in width.  The shores of Popeye Lake are comprised of rocky slopes and areas covered in sandy or silt backshores that  gently slope north toward Stanrock Road.  The vegetation consists mainly of White Birch, Sugar Maple, Cedar and various Pine trees.  Popeye Lake is home to Whitefish, Walleye and Burbot, among other species of fish.

Only 17 lots have been slated for development, your own private community.  The lots are located on the more gently sloped northern shore of the lake, facing undeveloped wilderness on the southern shore.  The south-facing lots are accessible via Stanrock Road, which also leads to Quirke Lake, just north of Popeye.  All of the lots are on a year round access road that is maintained by the municipality.  There is public access to the lake but only for smaller boats, such as roof toppers, canoes, etc. If you want a bigger boat on this lake you must make your access from your property.

  • Electricity is provided to the boundary of each lot
  • No development fees
  • Road access year round
  • Great Pickerel fishing
  • WIFI is available
  • Cell service is available
  • Mail delivery
  • Garbage disposal
  • Police, EMS, Fire Services are provided
  • Bus service for school children provided
  • Build your dream cottage/home facing South


Waterfront Map | Popeye Lake

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