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Cottage Information


Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)

Medium-sized, long-lived (80+ years), freshwater turtles, which are slightly smaller than a bike helmet when full grown. They have a high-domed, dark gray shell with yellow flecks, and a long, bright yellow throat.

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As a property owner on a lake you are subject to the same rules and regulations afforded to all other fishers. All the lakes, that the City is developing for residential development, are within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry fishing zone 10.

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Eat insects ....mosquitoes and black flies!

Little Brown Myotis (Myotis lucifugus), Northern Myotis (Myotis eptentrionalis), Eastern Small-footed Bat (Myotis leibii)

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There is a good chance you will encounter a bear while enjoying you waterfront property, you are now living in their house. The City of Elliot Lake is a strong proponent of the Bear Wise program which educates you in how to minimize your contact with and how to handle bear encounters.

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Eastern Whip-poor-will (Antrostomus vociferus)

Medium-sized birds with a large, rounded head and a stout chest that tapers to a long tail and wings, giving them a distinctly front-heavy look. Patterned with a complicated mottling of gray and brown, which camouflages them nearly perfectly with leaf litter or tree bark. They have a blackish throat bordered at the bottom by a neat, white bib. Males have white corners to the tail; on females, these spots are dull buff.

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Species at Risk

The Elliot Lake area is blessed with rich habitat for an abundant species of wildlife. During the Natural Heritage Assessments, that were performed prior to any development, habit was identified that could sustain a number of species at risk. This is good news as you may be able to observe some species that are becoming a rare site. You now also have the responsibly to help these creatures survive.

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Welcome To Our New Web Site

Lakeshore Properties is in the process of developing this new and improved web site. Please feel free to check it out often as we will be posting new items frequently. There  currently are lots for sale on Popeye Lake at new unbelievable prices.