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Species at Risk

The Elliot Lake area is blessed with rich habitat for an abundant species of wildlife.


During the Natural Heritage Assessments, that were performed prior to any development, habit


was identified that could sustain a number of species at risk. This is good news as you may be


able to observe some species that are becoming a rare site. You now also have the responsibly to


help these creatures survive.


Familiarize yourself with the Endangered Species Act. You may unwittingly be violating laws


that carry stiff penalties.




The Act:


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry tracks species at risk. You can use a handy


online form to report your sightings to the Natural Heritage Information Centre.


Photographs with specific locations or mapping coordinates are always helpful.


If you find a species at risk on your land, you may be eligible for stewardship programs that


support the protection and recovery of species at risk and their habitats.


The next page shows Species at Risk that have been identified in the Sault Ste Marie District.


Following that are some species that have been identified in this area, their preferred habitat and


what you can do to prevent disturbance or enhance their habitat.

Sault Ste. Marie District Species at Risk (March 17, 2015)

At Risk Status - Endangered (END), Threatened (THR), Special Concern (SC)


Species Common Name


Species At Risk in


Ontario - (SARO)


Species at Risk Act


(Federal Listing) -




American Chestnut END END


American Eel END No Status


Butternut END END


Cougar or Mountain Lion END Data Deficient


Eastern Small-footed Myotis END No Status


Golden Eagle END Not At Risk


Henslow's Sparrow END END


Hickorynut END No Status


King Rail END END




Kirtland's Warbler END END


Little Brown Myotis END No Status


Loggerhead Shrike END END


Northern Myotis END No Status


Redside Dace END SC


Shortnose Cisco END END


Wood Turtle END THR


American White Pelican THR Not At Risk


Bank Swallow THR No Status


Barn Swallow THR No Status


Blanding's Turtle THR THR


Bobolink THR No Status


Chimney Swift THR THR


Eastern Meadowlark THR No Status


Flooded Jellyskin THR THR


Lake Sturgeon (Great Lakes - Upper St.


Lawrence population)


THR No Status


Least Bittern THR THR


Massasauga Rattlesnake THR THR


Shortjaw Cisco THR THR


Whip-poor-will THR No Status


Bald Eagle SC Not At Risk


Black Tern SC Not At Risk


Canada Warbler SC THR


Cerulean Warbler SC SC


Common Five-lined Skink SC SC


Common Nighthawk SC THR


Eastern Wolf SC SC


Eastern Wood-Peewee SC No Status


Golden-winged Warbler SC THR


Milksnake SC SC


Monarch Butterfly SC SC


Northern Brook Lamprey SC SC


Olive-sided Flycatcher SC THR


Peregrine Falcon SC SC


Red-headed Woodpecker SC THR