Cottage Information


General Wildlife Stewardship

The following mitigation measures are recommended as best management practices to reduce the


impacts of work on your property to the natural environment (including candidate Species at


Risk habitat)


- Flag the work area: Access and activity will be limited to the designated work areas to


minimize disturbance to adjacent wildlife habitat. This area should be delineated in


the field using stakes, tape etc. and removed when work is completed.


- Check work area each day: Snakes and turtles are attracted to the roadway, embankment,


temporary stockpiles and machinery, as these surfaces absorb heat from the sun and


are suitable for reptile basking. If in immediate danger (collision with traffic /


construction equipment) reptiles will be moved to adjacent habitat without harm (to


worker or reptile) by using a shovel or stick and bucket.


- Avoid use of erosion control products with plastic netting. Rock rip rap, various mulches,


and polyethylene sheeting may be effective alternatives.


- Avoid use of heavy duty silt fencing reinforced with mesh netting.


- Remove temporary erosion control measures: These devices can act as a barrier to


wildlife and impede their movement.